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Episode 22

Whitewater SUP on the Zambezi

When Bertrand van der Berg called Nick from SUPfm back in 2016 to join him and his team to be the first people to SUP the Zambezi, he shuddered. Nick had been introduced to white water rafting on the Zambezi back in 1991 and subsequently became a river guide, so he knew what they were in for. He declined :)

However, the team of 8 charged on and adopted a mission to save the Rhinos along the way. This really helped to focus their efforts and suddenly this was a much bigger thing, they needed to complete their mission of paddling all 25 rapids for the rhinos, not for selfish fun and a pat on the back as the first to do it (and obviously a footnote in history!).

Listen to tales of grueling hardship and the ultimate exhilaration as these guys take stand up paddle on white water to the very limits.

Further info about the project is on and you can FOLLOW Bertrand on 


Thanks to Chantelle Melzer for the photos.

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