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Episode 91

The Nomadic Paddler - With David Haze

This episode features David Haze, the Nomadic Paddler.

David, through his own actions ended up serving time for crimes he was fully responsible for. Having experienced the lows of prison he emerged with a determination to turn his life around and to show that having a conviction is no barrier to becoming a useful member of society.

Since coming out of prison David has been on a mission to help other ex-offenders see the value in sport and rehabilitation and to show the public that change is possible and with a second chance anyone can turn their lives around

David has broken 7 paddleboard world records and has set his sights first on an environmental journey round the Isle of Wight, before taking on Europe in his Untamed Beasts challenge.

Alliance of Sport is one of the main charities David raises money for

One book we found had made such a powerful impression on us both and which we discussed in this episode is You Can't Hurt Me by David Goggins available here (AL)

You can visit the Nomadic Paddler website here

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