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Episode 12

Taking A Stand Up Paddle Board Across The World With Franz Orsi

Franz Orsi and Bart de Zwart on their round the world SUP trip

Franz Orsi SUPs around the world

This week Nick chats with waterman Franz Orsi who was on the second part of a five stage world stand up paddle board trip with Bart De Zwart, when they were caught up in the Nepal earthquake. Franz is an Italian film maker and photographer living between Italy and Portugal who has travelled extensively to capture stand up paddle in all its forms. Recently he teamed up with Bart de Zwart for the third time, for a cross the world trip to a number of less conventional stand up paddleboard locations.

He started his trip in Yap in Polynesia and moved on to Nepal when they were caught in the tragedy which was the Nepal earthquake. They were eventually able to move on to the Grand Rift Valley in Ethiopia and on to Istanbul, before finishing their trip at the ISA World Championships in Sayulita, Mexico.

In This Episode Franz Covers:

  • Nepal earthquake
  • Yap & the Rai stones
  • Ethiopia
  • Starboard
  • Istanbul
  • The best ever ISA Championship
  • SUP at the Olympics 2020
  • Portugese stand up paddle board
  • European train tour with Connor Baxter and Bart De Zwart
  • Venice
  • Franz’s photography & equipment
  • Future adventure plans : USA coast to coast  

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