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Episode 73

Four Time SUP World Champion and Coach - Michael Booth

This week we feature Aussie Michael Booth, who is a four time World Champion and successful coach, entrepreneur and podcaster

In this episode we chat about his racing and his unbelievable success, despite coming to the sport relatively late. We talk about his love of coaching and in the episode he explains the most common mistakes most new paddlers make, and breaks down how to deliver an awesome buoy turn.

Michael 'loves being a beginner' and has turned his skills towards exploring and learning new skills including the Boothcast, a podcast featuring business personalities and successful watermen and women from across the world. He is also building both a fashion business and his new house.

You can visit Michael and find out about his coaching services at his website here:

In the episode we talk about the epic race where he won the ICF World title in China in 2019

You can watch the race in full here:

Connect with Michael on social media

Facebook @mgbooth

Instagram @_michaelbooth @boothtraining  @desirsdevoyage

Check out Michael's Boothcast on Spotify, Apple Podcasts or here:

Chris Voss wrote the book 'Never Split the Difference' and Michael and myself have drawn inspiration and a lot of great quotes from it.

This episode is brought to you in association with Starboard.

Starboard has a long history in board design, with Svein Rasmussen entering the windsurfing market with innovative designs back in 1994, building the brand to become market leader within a decade. The brand was quick to recognise the huge potential of stand up paddling and while maintaining careful consideration for their environmental impact, have continuously strived to produce the best boards and paddles for all abilities.

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