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Episode 85

Marine Wildlife and Blue Health - With Lizzi Larbalestier

This week we speak with Lizzi Larbalestier, enviromentalist and coach, as we harvest her knowledge and her experience of protecting sea mammals and the ocean, alongside her role as an executive coach, using the ocean as a means to improve performance and mental health.

**Apologies for the sound quality in some sections of this episode**

In this episode we talk about the increasing number of encounters between ocean wildlife and ourselves and how we can behave responsibly to reduce and eliminate the serious harm we can do to these beautiful animals.

We also talk about blue health and how the ocean and her daily connection with water has allowed her to inspire leaders to change and tap into their own blue minds.

Lizzi's website is is here:

Lizzi is raising money to support the rescue of sea mammals and the seal hospital in Cornwall Please make a donation here:

Lizzi Volunteers for

British Divers Marine Life Rescue:

Surfers against Sewage :

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In the Episode

Wally the walrus attracted interest from across the globe, here's the take from NPR

The Story of Stuff is a short documentary, check out the organisation and film here

Watch the powerful documentary Resurface available on Netflix

Lizzi talks about Force Blue :

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